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Take Advantage of Keynotes, Seminars,

Classes, Coaching & Books

by Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Discover over 365 ways you can easily & immediately:

• Create an enjoyable work environment that makes you smile
• Watch joy on the job dramatically accelerate productivity & profit
• Enjoy excellent teamwork, creativity, & innovation
• Rapidly reduce healthcare costs (your own medical bills & your organization’s medical costs)

Discover proven, practical strategies that have worked for thousands of employees and organizations around the world to create fulfillment at work and more joy on the job.

Enjoy seminars, keynotes classes, coaching & books by Dr. Helge have immediate take-aways. You will be empowered to immediately:

  • Use no-cost ways to escalate productivity
  • Enjoy positive performance appraisals
  • Create harmony with difficult people
  • Light a positive feedback fire
  • Achieve work/life balance
  • Be calm in the midst of chaos
  • Get praised, raised, and recognized
  • Prevent job stress
  • Thrive with change and challenge
  • Shield yourself from negativity
  • Have lots more fun at work!!!

“Doris, I would like to thank you! Positive things definitely came from both of your presentations.  Both groups agreed they wish they’d had more time. One woman sent an email that she couldn’t get to sleep that night. She was cuddled up in her robe reading your new book, “Joy on the Job”. It was hard to put it down and go to bed! With regards to work, I’m definitely  feeling a better vibe of “community”. Your flexibility and preparation positively  helped make these events successful. You’re a great speaker with new content.
Thank you!”

Stephanie Schuh, Microsoft Finance Team



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