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“Helge spent years formulating steps you can follow to become happier and more fulfilled. Her work is a roadmap to peace and joy.”
…Aquarius Magazine

“Doris offered many solutions and tools that greatly helped our employees.”
…Anita Orton, Manager of Human Resources, Regence BlueShield

“Practical . . . Positive . . . Powerful! What a great speaker and author!”
…Joan Sherwood, Ph.D., CEO, Corporate Training Assurance, Kansas City, MO

Are you interested in ways you can immediately create more happiness at work?

  • Learn the keys to joy on the job
  • Follow the path to peace and fulfillment at work!

The following articles and exercises are based on:

  • A ten-year quest to discover what creates fulfillment and joy at work
  • Extensive research with employees and managers of 21 organizations

For EXAMPLES of the valuable information available in the book, Joy on the Job, click on the topics below.

____“From Negative to Positive” – The Power & Pitfalls of Positive Thinking

____“Pure Inspiration” – Proven Strategies for Creating Joy on the Job

____ Avoid struggles with “difficult people”

____ Ensure a positive performance appraisal

____ Communicate your needs to management and coworkers

____ Cope with change and other challenges

____ Create job security

____ Reduce stress at work

Joy on the Job has hundreds of additional exercises and strategies to make your work life much more rewarding and fun!
____ Over 365 ways to create the joy and fulfillment you deserve

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