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JOY ON THE JOB - Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve. 464 pages, hundreds of exercises, complete index…

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Joy on the Job

“Helge spent years formulating steps you can follow to become happier and more fulfilled. Her work is a roadmap to peace and joy.”

Aquarius Magazine

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TRANSFORMING PAIN INTO POWER – Making the Most of Your Emotions 384 pages, includes a workbook and a complete index

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Transforming Pain into Power

“Learning to turn pain into power is everyone’s challenge, and this book teaches how. Reading it will help you master life.”

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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CONQUER YOUR INNER CRITIC NOW . . . Gain complete freedom from your inner critic with this proven program. You receive a 99-page ebook and two MP3s!

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“If your inner critic bothers you, you’ll love this easy to read book. The results are amazing! You’ll overcome your fears and achieve anything you want to!”

Adriana Nicholson and Christine Avers, Columbus, Ohio

JOY ON THE JOB FOR INTROVERTS AND SHY PEOPLE . . . 110-page illustrated ebook and SIX mp3s!


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“Doris’ work touches my heart. So many talented people are starved for happiness at work. Doris shares proven ways to create a work life that feeds your Soul while padding your pocketbook.

Michael Port, Author, “Book Yourself Solid.”

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