Blast Winter Blues

Do you know anyone who fatigues more easily during the winter months? Is it ever more difficult to stay motivated or reach your peak performance during the season of short daylight? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very common, particularly in climates with frequent skies or short winter days. Read how to prevent or overcome SAD [...]

Happy People are Productive People

There is a saying the ‘happy people are productive people’, but what I also find is that productive people are happy people.

Self-discovery magic turns pain into powerful partnerships

Conflicts? Painful professional or personal relationships? Use the magic of self-discovery to transform relationship pain into the peaceful, productive partnerships you want. Once you understand the dance of Your True Self and Your False Self, you’ll know how to consistently connect with Your Authentic Self. You’ll enjoy love, support and validation from other people. Additional self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-respect will create the powerful internal and external support system you want.

Happiness at work! Zap job stress. Gain “Joy on the Job!”

Enjoy happiness at work. Zap job stress! Gain “Joy on the Job.” Turn difficult people into supporters. Enjoy work-life balance. Doris Helge, Ph.D. shares the success strategies you need. You’ll build a support system & surround yourself with positive feedback when you reduce negativity at work. Enjoy peak performance whether you are an employee, solopreneur, [...]

Self Assessments & Behavioral Inventories Can Limit Potential Achievement & Growth

by Doris Helge, Ph.D. (c) 2011 ARTICLE SUMMARY Self assessments and personality indicators like Myers-Briggs and the DISC behavioral model assessment can be helpful tools for personal and professional growth. Psychometric inventories and assessments can also create limited thinking about our potential growth, achievement, flexibility and success. Self-discovery with a certified coach is a proven [...]

Meet “C.W.”–Turn Emotional Pain Into Peace & Power

by Doris Helge, Ph.D. © 2010 Allow me to introduce you to a part of yourself that is perfectly prepared to connect you with a deep sense of inner peace, even when you’re surrounded by chaos. If you would like a proven way to let go of struggle, self-judgment or doubt, this article is worth [...]

Winter Blues? Sad & Mad Don’t Have to Hang Around

Winter blues, including seasonal affective syndrome (SAD), fatigue and depression at work, can be cured. Read proven tips for happiness at work.

What is Your Boiling Point Reaction?

By Flo Mauri “All suffering is the result of the mind clinging to its unfortunate thoughts.” – Buddha In Mary Sullivan’s brilliant essay, “Are You a Carrot, an Egg or a Bean?” she depicts a distraught daughter explaining to her mother about how “hard” life is. It’s so hard, the daughter contemplates the option of [...]

Happiness At Work During The Holiday Season

You deserve joy on the job. Blast through negativity at work. Bust myths that cause holiday stress. Enjoy proven techniques (including NLP) that reduce tension and create happiness at work all year long.

Tis the Season for Joy on the Job

by Doris Helge, Ph.D. © 2009 Contrary to popular wisdom, it should be easier — not tougher — to spell “Happiness at Work” during the holiday season. Here are some tips for boosting your joy on the job during the festive winter season of peace and joy. H –– Humor. Most of us act like [...]