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“Thanks to Doris, I am finally able to balance my personal and professional life.”
Lynn Johnson, certified athletic trainer, Seattle, Wa.

“I’d tried everything. Finally! Techniques that really work! Doris’ wisdom and warmth make the lights go on when other approaches fail.”
Sandy O’Donnell, Corporate Trainer, Nashville, TN

“This is different! It works! I use Doris’ insights and techniques every day.”
Kenneth Baker, Regional Manager, Cost Cutter, Inc.

headshot_tz7a1“Mentor Coach Doris Helge, Ph.D., draws on her vast experience and profound intuition to connect with me at a deep level. Doris is a master at finding the themes within our sessions and helping me hone in on them. Her questions make me dig deep to clarify and expand what the real issue is so I move forward with joy. Doris identifies and validates my strengths and this helps me set a plan of action that works!”

Jude Eastman, M.Ed., Life and Soul Coach

“Doris, I was amazed at what happened during our sessions. You were so totally focused on helping me reach my goals. You helped me discover my inner strengths . . . strengths I didn’t even know I have. I love truly expressing myself and being 100% me. I’m moving forward now! Thanks for your help!”
Edna Johnson, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


“I love recommending Doris’ work. You’ll enjoy her ethics and integrity and you’ll gain significant professional benefits. You’ll also find Doris delightful to work with.”

Gillian Hood-Gabrielson,

“My coaching with Doris was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, right up there with being on top of Machu Picchu…I GOT PROFOUND RESULTS!”
Jacqueline Rubasky, San Jose, California


Dear Doris,

Thank you so very much for today’s call. I’m starting to realize why I was led to this class. I was never going to become the coach or person I wanted to be without the proper guidance. You are a wonderful, caring mentor. Each time I get off a class call, I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. It’s an amazing feeling. Thank you for always being there for me. I feel new growth daily.

Julie Consolo, Life Coach and CEO of Lake Barrington Professional Services, Chicago, Illinois,

“Thank you for bringing out the best in me.”
Rosie Weinreich, Life Coach and author of eight books, New York

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1_op_800x600“I am moving very quickly, to the next level of coaching mastery, thanks to your insightful questions and your remarkable ability to offer inspired suggestions to use our painful situations to grow.  We have gone much deeper than my work with other mentor coaches.  Coaching with you is a transformational experience of absolute trust and love.  I really get what it means to love your clients when I experience your coaching.
Flo Mauri, Coach/Consultant to Emerging Leaders,

“Dr. Helge’s coaching and mentoring creates immediate improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity. Our employees smile a lot more. They also read “Joy on the Job” over and over. Teamwork is now the best it’s ever been.”
Pat Hollister, Marketing Associate, Allied Systems, International


“I’ve trained coaches for years. Doris Helge, Ph.D. is a very strong coach, one of the best I’ve ever heard.”

Barbra Sundquist, CEO,

“Doris is THE COACH’S COACH. I use her techniques daily with my clients. Trying to let go of or release emotions like anger and fear guarantees that they’ll keep reappearing. Doris’ work is the missing piece I share with my clients. When they use Doris’ tools, they watch their self-judgments melt, their anger turn into love, and their fear become self-confidence.”
C. Dana Roberts, psychologist, New York, NY

ruth-2“Doris, you’re an excellent coach . . . thanks for being a role model, too. It helped to reorient my thinking as I take that first step onto the conveyor belt!”
Ruth Anderson, Vantage Point Coaching & Consulting,

“Doris, I’m just blown away at how you can zing words with just the right meaning, at just the right time. Your words rock!  Thanks so much for your help with my project.”
Tom Hughes, author of “Reiki — The Next Step

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“Doris, I just want to thank you for your terrific suggestions and your kind words. You’ve helped me so much. I’m very grateful for your coaching and mentoring.”
Carine Nadel, moderator, columnist & advisory panelist, “Women’s Day Magazine”

“Dr. Helge’s work will help you master life.”
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

img_1644_resized“Doris, I feel so empowered . . . . You always recognize and stress my strengths so you’ve made me see that I am on track with my life and that there is nothing wrong with who I am. At points in my personal and professional life I wanted to just up and walk away from all the hard work I had been doing. Doris was there to help me not only sort through my thoughts and feeling of being overwhelmed she was also able to show me that with every new step in my professional life comes growing pains and she helped me work through them.”
Rebekkah White, Host of Heal Yourself Talk Radio, VA, Web Designer

“You’ll get instant positive results. Doris’ techniques are well tested and easy to use. You’ll use Doris’ tools and information every day.”
Marsha Needham, Human Resources Director, CNN News, Atlanta, Ga.

“Doris leads those with broken wings through her wise counsel, love, and practical techniques. She is touching heart and changing lives. If you are ready to change old patterns and walk through the desert to the oasis with grace, treat yourself!”
Beth Franklin, Executive Director, Literacy Council of Alabama

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“You’ll receive rapid relief from difficult problems.”
Bill Uhl, Sr. Instructor, OHV Training & winner of gold medals for the U.S.

“Doris’ work is so refreshing. With her techniques, your feelings fall into proper perspective and stop draining your energy . . . and this happens SPONTANEOUSLY.”
Joanna and Richard Swanson, CEOs and owners, Mountain Mist Resort, NC

“Helge spent years formulating steps you can follow to become happier and more fulfilled. Her work is a roadmap to joy and peace.”
Aquarius Magazine

“Our office worked with Doris’ techniques, and now our employees are energized, motivated, and de-stressed.”
Lawrence M. Sinclair, Floor Supervisor, Royal, Inc., Chicago

“Now I trust myself even when my life feels stagnant. Doris’ work brought multiple benefits to my audience. I’ve learned to see the transformation that is taking place even when things feel stuck and the tendency is to panic.”
Elizabeth Ann Wright, Host, “Ultimate Solutions,” WGUN, Atlanta, Ga.

“Doris, thank you so much for your generous spirit and your encouraging words. With your help, I’m delighted to say that I’m really on track. I also see the benefit in progressing at a pace that enables me to consciously create. I am happy to support you and your work. Your work is greatly appreciated. I feel the tingle of aliveness back again.”
Linda Hough,

“This was a wonderful next step for me after I worked with my 12-step program. I feel very empowered and I know I’m in charge of my own life.”
C.L. Monroe, New Orleans, La.

“Dr. Helge shows us how to embrace our humanity so we can open the door to our divinity. Her work is deeply personal, helpful, and sincere.”
Dr. Rudy Scarfalotto, D.C. & author, The Alchemy of Opposites

“Doris’ work is now my standby in tough times. Doris helps so many people.”
Doug Gazley, Director of Music, Unity of Gwinnett, Atlanta, Ga.

“When we discovered our child has A.D.D., we began a ride on the emotional roller coaster. Doris helped us take ourselves off of the roller coaster and find peace.”
Paul and Lynnette Oliver, parents of a child with A.D.D.

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“Doris, I would like to thank you! Positive things definitely came from both of your presentations. Both groups agreed they wish they’d had more time. One woman sent an email that she couldn’t get to sleep that night. She was cuddled in her robe reading your new book, “Joy on the Job.” It was too hard to put it down and go to bed! With regards to work, I’m definitely feeling a better vibe of “community.” Your flexibility and preparation positively helped make these events successful. You’re a great speaker with new content. Thank you!”
Stephanie Schuh, Microsoft Finance Team

I’m glad to be a reference for Dr. Doris Helge. Her presentation, “Joy in the Workplace,” for our Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) organization was great! The group was engaged with the speaker and her presentation. They were attentive, they took notes, and they laughed a lot. Her presentation was excellent – exactly what we needed. She even did pre-session phone calls to make sure she covered what we wanted her to. I highly recommend Doris as a keynote speaker and/or workshop presenter.
Annie Davis, SPHR, Human Resources Consultant, Olympic College, Bremerton, WA

Thank you for your beautiful words. I feel like my life is just beginning. You are an Angel.
Linda Hough

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