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Career transition time? Enjoy an interview with Doris Helge, Ph.D. by Marc Kronish, part of the “10 Minute Job Search Success” series.
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Joy on the Job

Doris Helge, Ph.D. interviewed on Connexion Radio March 1, 2013
It’s simple to be happy at work, says author Doris Helge. Find out how you can find joy on the job, and feel good at work.

Transforming Pain Into Power

Turn every painful experience into personal empowerment. #1 Bestselling Author, Doris Helge, Ph.D. shares how to use your innate personal power to transform fear into confidence. You’ll also turn anger and sadness into joy and peace.

Conquer Your Inner Critic

Does your inner critic bully you or shatter your confidence? Discover the easiest ways to turn your inner critic into an internal coach. Hear interview with #1 Bestselling Author, Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Transformation Talk Radio with Laura Longley

Dr. Doris Helge, author of “Joy on the Job,” will join Laura, from Transformation Talk Radio, to share tips and tools for discovering your passion and joy and bringing that joy to work with you.

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You may have seen Dr. Doris interviewed on “The Today Show,” CNN and NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D. is author of Amazon.com #1 Bestsellers like “Joy on the Job,” “Transforming Pain Into Power” and “Conquer Your Inner Critic. As a coach and teleclass leader, Doris has helped thousands of people claim the success and happiness you want. Some of her books have been published in many foreign languages.

A licensed, Master Certified Coach and Mentor Coach, Doris previously served on faculty at three universities and directed national organizations. She has consulted, coached and presented at corporations as large as Microsoft. Today, Doris works by phone and Skype with clients in countries all around the globe.

Visit http://CoachingByDoris.com/videos to see videos about Doris’ bestselling books. Download free ebooks at http://FreeJoyEbooks.com.

Career Transition Tips by Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Career Czar Interview

Contributing Host Doris Helge, PhD is back to discuss Procrastination, Perfectionism and Pessimism and how you can turn these three terrible Ps to your advantage with the Czar, Coach Christine and Producer Millian.

Creating Life & Work Balance To Avoid Burnout

Is your ‘to do’ list growing out of control? Not enough hours in the day? Are you working hard but feel that you’re just not getting anywhere? Then today’s show is just for you.

Join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller as they speak to Doris Helge, Ph.D and Melbourne’s own Donna Hanson about how you can avoid burnout. Make 2010 your year by finding more balance in your life and learning how to work smarter and not harder.

Our phone lines and chat room will be open so ring in and get expert career advice for all your life and work balance questions. Remember to visit us at our Career Success Radio Community page at: www.careersuccessradio.com where as always, there are fantastic resources for Jobseekers, Career Changers, HR Professionals and Recruiters alike. Including competitions, Twitter polls, job vacancies, articles, forums, careers and of course a great place to continue building your network.

“Joy on the Job”-Interview by Stuart Friedman of Inside JobJail

Enjoy happiness at work now. Discover how to resolve conflicts & difficult people issues and enjoy a career transition that feeds your Soul as much as your pocketbook.

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Career Czar features an interview with “The Joy Coach,” Dr. Doris Helge on “More Joy on the Job. Discover how to resolve conflicts at work, deal with difficult people, enjoy balance work-life balance, stop tech-stress, and gain happiness at work.

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Joy on the Job interview with Hyacinth Gooden-Bailey-Feb1 2009

“Stuck in a Rut? 4 Steps to Get Off the Boredom Treadmill.”

Dr. Doris Helge, author of “Joy on the Job” is interviewed by Keith Keller and Annmarie Cross on their “Career Communique’ Show” in Australia. Tune in for a lively, informative show. Discover how to either change jobs or make a job you don’t like much, much better!

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Enjoy Work-Life Balance Now!

Doris Helge, Ph.D. is interviewed by Sheila Hawkins so you can discover easy, proven ways to balance your personal and professional life. You deserve to experience harmony and balance in all areas of your life. You’ll be healthier and happier. You’ll enjoy better relationships and more success . . . and you’ll probably make more money, too . . . when you use the wonderful tips Dr. Doris shares with you in this interview.

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Transform Pain Into Power

Doris Helge, Ph.D. on the “Passionate About Life” Voice America Radio Show:

Discover the secrets of turning every disappointing event at work and in your personal life into an empowering opportunity. Lisa Fredette interviews Dr. Doris so you can resolve conflicts with “difficult people” and immediately begin to enjoy more happiness at work and more rewarding relationships. Special tips are given for listeners who are in the middle of major life transitions such as divorce or loss of a partner.

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Making the Most of Your Emotions-Interview with Doris Helge from Talk Zone

Four Parts

One of the best secrets on this planet is that all of our painful experiences and emotions serve us. In fact they are absolutely necessary for our personal growth-and our happiness! Keith and Sharmai welcome Dr. Doris Helge, author of Transforming Pain into Power: Making the Most of Your Emotions,” and she has simple practical tools you can use to take advantage of every painful event that occurs.

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Joy on the Job

Doris Helge on The Passionate About Life Radio Show:

Would you like more fun and fulfillment when you’re working? Discover the secrets of joy on the job! You can enjoy a work life packed with productivity, rich meaning, and lots of smiles. When you’re happy at work, your personal relationships are much more fun. Joy on the job is also related to wealth and excellent health! Sound good? Join us to discover what’s creating happy employees, entrepreneurs, and managers across the globe!

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Heart-Centered Management

HRs, other managers, and employees are thrilled about “Management from the Heart.”  Happiness at work is a significant competitive edge.  The “Joy on the Job Techniques” Dr. Doris Helge shares in this show have already escalated teamwork, morale, motivation, productivity, and profits in companies of all sizes. Employee retention becomes easy.

Health care and other costs have decreased dramatically in workplaces that have used the proven strategies that show host, Rebecca White interviews Dr. Helge about. You’ll enjoy hearing real-live stories and fun techniques to achieve happiness at work by using heart-centered management techniques.


Develop powerful negotiation and persuasion skills

Discover how to easily and ethically persuade others to help you create more joy on the job. Learn new win-win negotiation techniques that will help you when you’re in tough situations. You can easily resolve conflicts and get along with difficult people. Whether you are an employee or manager, you’ll pick up new tips for joy at work and employee retention.


How to Have a Great Relationship With Your Boss

Do you know how to manage your boss?  Happiness at work is directly related to your relationship with your supervisor.  If you’ve longed for joy at work or had a “bad boss,” you’ll love the tips in this Heal Yourself Talk Radio Show.  Host Rebecca White interviews Dr. Doris Helge about how you can “manage up” and develop a positive relationship with your boss. When you use the tips on this show, you’ll enjoy greater work-life balance, resolve conflicts, and have much more fun at work.  No sucking up to the boss required!  This fun show will also help you, so tune in now.


The “Joy on the Job” Show

Tune into award-winning talk radio host, Dr. Pat Baccili’s interview with Doris Helge, Ph.D. You’ll discover many ways to immediately create happiness at work.  Learn how to develop your leadership abilities, transform pain into power, cultivate better teamwork, resolve conflicts, reduce stress, and communicate your needs so you can claim your fair share of joy on the job. Whether you are a manager or employee, it’s your turn for more happiness at work. Managers can solve employee retention issues.


Develop Powerful Negotiation, Persuasion & Influence Skills

Gain happiness at work by knowing how to communicate your needs and gain resources and cooperation.  No matter how skilled you already are in negotiation and persuasion, you’ll experience additional joy on the job when you use the powerful techniques Dr. Doris Helge shares with you as part of this Business Resources Podcast Directory educational series.  Interviewer Rima McDonald.

Joy on the Job for Baby Boomers

The unique needs and desires of baby boomers seeking happiness at work are explored in this dynamic, fun interview with “The Joy on the Job Coach,” Doris Helge, Ph.D.  The interviewer is Beverly Mahone, host of “Whatever.”


Enjoy Work-Life Balance Now!

Stressed? Depressed about work overload that time management can’t heal? You deserve a balanced personal and professional life with plenty of time for relationships that make you smile, personal growth, health, and joy on the job. Tune into this fun interview of Doris Helge, Ph.,D. by Heal Yourself Talk Radio show host Rebecca White. You’ll hear many new ways you can immediately create happiness at work and set boundaries that ensure you take care of the one person you will work with for the rest of your life  — YOU!  Claim more joy on the job and at home today!

[audio:HYTR WkLifeBalSept07 c0c46785-2e43-1b98-ee07-99f2a7865d0b.mp3]

“Happiness at Work”

Dr. Doris Helge’s “Happiness at Work” presentation helps you claim joy on the job.  This dynamic interview by Full Power Living show host, Ilene Dillon, is packed with tips you can immediately use to create joy on the job.  If you want work-life balance, tips for working with difficult people, conflict resolution, and fun at work, tune into this show now.


Conflict Resolution That Creates Joy on the Job

You deserve happiness at work and at home. Dr. Doris Helge, award-winning author of “Transforming Pain Into Power,” now published in five languages, is interviewed by the Showcase of Business Experts show host, Rima McDonald. Discover how to easily and quickly resolve conflicts, reduce stress, and work or live with “difficult people.”

Begin now to transform pain into power at work and at home.

[audio:tpip Conflict podcastNotRunDoris3_edited.mp3]

Transforming Pain Into Power-NEW April 11, 2008

Heal Yourself Talk Radio hosts Rebekah White and Kim Emerson interviews Doris Helge, Ph.D. in a lively, eye-opening show about how you can transform painful experiences and emotions into positive, life-changing events. You are never stuck with relationships that don’t work or a job you hate. Learn how to acknowledge anger, fear, or sadness so you can become “experientially gifted” and claim your happiness at work and in your personal life. Discover the truth about how to turn disappointments into fantastic opportunities. You’ll be able to avoid emotional roller coasters and create a life rich in joy on the job, rewarding relationships, and fun at work. You’ll see why Dr. Helge’s book has been published in five languages.

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“Joy on the Job for Newly Divorced & Single Employees”

Divorced? Single? Struggling to enjoy happiness at work while being a single parent or in transition from married to divorces? Joy on the job can be even more important when you are challenged at home.  Discover how to find joy at work that will help you weather stormy personal challenges . . . without workaholism. Tune into an information-packed teleseminar in which Doris Helge, Ph.D. is interviewed by Life Coach Lisa Fredette. You’ll learn new ways to create work-life balance, rewarding relationships at work, easily resolve conflicts and work with difficult people, cash in on your strengths, and claim more happiness at work.


Claim Joy on the Job

Bobby Ellis, host of People in the Know” interviews award-wining author, Doris Helge, Ph.D.  Mr. Ellis asks thoughtful, probing questions. His constituents  –  managers and employees  –  want to know how to claim happiness at work, work-life balance, easily resolve conflicts and work with difficult people. Some are concerned with “bad bosses.”  Others want to boost employee job satisfaction, morale and motivation so employee retention is easy.

Part 1 [audio:2007-04-15_PeopleInTheKnow1.mp3]

Part 2 [audio:2007-04-15_PeopleInTheKnow2.mp3]

Joy on the Job for Entrepreneurs

Happiness at work is the dream of every entrepreneur.

Solo-entrepreneurs face unique challenges that are addressed in this lively interview by Sheri McConnell, president of the Association of Web Entrepreneurs interviews. Dr. Helge,”The Joy on the Job Coach,” is also honored for being a 2007 National Association of Women Writers award winner.


Joy on the Job

Want more happiness at work? Use the tips on this show to resolve conflicts, work with difficult people, and reduce stress. Create a work life rich in rewarding relationships, productivity, and success. This show is part of the Business Resources Podcast Directory educational series. Host Rima McDonald interviews “The Joy Coach,” Doris Helge, Ph.D.


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