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Doris Helge’s “Joy on the Job” emerges from helping others discover more happiness at work, whether they are in their dream job or working a job they can’t wait to vacate. Managers appreciate a more motivated, productive work force. Costs, including employee turnover, and stress-related illness decrease. Employee retention escalates. It’s very win-win. Employees thrive because Doris share easy ways to add sizzle to an average work day. Entrepreneurs love techniques for saving time and escalating profit.

Doris has won awards for her books, speaking, and corporate training regarding elevating productivity, motivation, and happiness at work. Some of her books have been published in many foreign languages. The proven strategies for creating greater happiness at work that she shares with you emerged during over 10 years of research that included interviews with over 650 employees, managers, and entrepreneurs — people just like you — and on-site observations in 21 diverse organizations.

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