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“Doris, I would like to thank you! Positive things definitely came from both of your presentations.  Both groups agreed they wish they’d had more time. One woman sent an email that she couldn’t get to sleep that night. She was cuddled up in her robe reading your new book, “Joy on the Job”. It was hard to put it down and go to bed!  With regards to work, I’m definitely  feeling a better vibe of  “community”. Your flexibility and preparation positively  helped make these events successful. You’re a great speaker with new content. Thank you!”…Stephanie Schuh, Microsoft Finance Team

“I’m glad to be a reference for Dr. Doris Helge. Her presentation, “Joy in the Workplace,” for our Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) organization was great! The group was engaged with the speaker and her presentation. They were attentive, they took notes, and they laughed a lot. Her presentation was excellent – exactly what we needed. She even did pre-session phone calls to make sure she covered what we wanted her to. I highly recommend Doris as a keynote speaker and/or workshop presenter.” …Annie Davis, SPHR, Human Resources Consultant, Olympic College, Bremerton, WA

“Doris has delivered eight keynotes and seminars at our national conferences. Each time, our members applauded and asked us to invite her back.”
…Holly Brown, Director of Professional Education,
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

“Dr. Helge’s program produces immediate improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity. We’ve hired her to deliver multiple presentations, and every single one has produced remarkable results!”
…Taylore Vance, Titan International

“Everyone who listens to Doris or reads her work gets charged and re-charged. After attending Doris’ seminar, I got a promotion I’d wanted for a long time. Now, each day at work is more exciting.”
…Jeanette Geiman, CPS, Office Manager, Shell Oil, Houston, TX

“Doris makes every minute count, so you get information you can understand and use.”
… Marsha Needham, Human Resources Director, CNN News, L.A., CA

“Thanks to Doris, I am now able to balance my personal and professional life!”
…Lynn Johnson, certified athletic trainer, Seattle, WA

“Doris’ recommendations will definitely increase your happiness at work.”
Lawrence M. Sinclair, Product Specialist, Royal, Inc., Chicago, IL

“Helge spent years formulating steps you can follow to become happier and more fulfilled. Her work is a roadmap to peace and joy.”
...Aquarius Magazine

“A wonderful presentation that gave me new tools that I can EASILY use RIGHT NOW.”
…May Munder, Executive Assistant, Exxon, Houston, TX

“Practical . . . Positive . . . Powerful! What a great speaker and author!”
…Joan Sherwood, Ph.D., CEO.
Corporate Training Assurance, Kansas City, MO

“Doris’ work brought multiple benefits to my radio audiences.”
…Elizabeth Ann Wright, Host, Ultimate Solutions, WGUN, Atlanta, GA

“Doris work touched and changed my life forever.”
…Mollie Jo Rogers, President, ABWA, Houston, TX

“You brought important information to our viewers, letting them know they are not alone and helping them know how to improve their lives.”
…Peter Anthony Holder, Host, CJAD Tonight, Montreal, Quebec

“I would love to attend another of Doris’ events. Her program is excellent, and it was definitely worth my time. Doris has extraordinary skills in working with a diverse group.”
…Becky Jarvala, Washington State Farm Bureau, Olympia, WA

“Doris is a great speaker . . . a good investment that can save you money. Everyone in the room could relate in some way to the information she shared.”
…Marci Russo, Assistant Vice-President, Sun Trust Bank, Atlanta, GA

“Excellent! Exactly what we needed. Great job!”
…Kim Lindenfeld, Director of Customer Service, NFL & President, ICSA

“Doris offered many solutions and tools that greatly helped our employees.”
…Anita Orton, Manager of Human Resources, Regence BlueShield

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